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Get started by documenting basic agreements and understandings with our document generator.

Essential Content

The document generator provides basic templates that can be customized to meet your needs—from forming your company to putting in place an appropriate governance structure, we can help.
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Regulation & Capital Formation

Document Generator

Use our document generator to create any of the following documents:
Corporate Formation Package

These documents are what you need to form a basic startup company.

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Written Consent of Incorporator
  • Restricted Stock Purchase Agreement
  • Board Organizational Consent
  • Bylaws
Team Buildout Package

These documents help you hire key employees and provide legal protections to founders and managers.

  • Employment Offer Letter (including an Employee Confidential Information and Invention Assignment Agreement)
  • Indemnification Agreement (and related board and stockholder consents)

Other Startup Documents

These documents help keep your information confidential and protect the company’s rights to its inventions.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Employee Confidential Information and Invention Assignment Agreement